Your wedding is undeniably the most important day of your life, so why not make it as perfect as possible? MGB was created to meet the demand of couples wanting a booth that is beautiful, easy to use and entertaining.

A favourite with Melbourne wedding planners,  MGB is recommended for couples who are seeking a point of difference.

Older style 'photo booths' are being phased-out as they can be seen as tacky and outdated. Most brides are wanting their wedding reception to be described as unique, fun and beautiful. The right booth can really help.

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Your wedding is the most memorable day of your life, so it is important to consider how you are going to capture those moments.

Wedding photo booth hire shouldn’t look the same as 18th birthday party photo booth hire; with a big red curtain and tacky props. It should be stylish, unique and fun to use. Believe it or not, Melbourne GIF/photo booth hire was designed with your wedding in mind. Rustic white, bollards, gold and rustic wooden props, confetti, white, white, white… ring any bells? Maybe the wedding kind? We knew what we’d want, but no one was doing it, so we created it: Melbourne GIF booth.

Is Melbourne GIF/Photo booth really ‘the’ wedding photo booth?

We started Melbourne GIF booth after being unable to find a Melbourne based photo booth hire that looked good whilst being modern enough to have the photo’s digitally available. There are other GIF booth hire companies around but they are all stainless steel, black with cables and no wedding character. So we decided that Melbourne needed a suitable alternative. We have done a ton of weddings and our photo booth hire is ALWAYS a hit. For many reasons, but perhaps the main one is, boomerangs are more fun.

What do we get if we hire Melbourne GIF Booth?

You can choose between the essential photo booth hire package and the deluxe photo booth hire package. But you will always get us working with you to create a customised frame (see examples), before deciding on the text message, what the landing page and everything else looks like (all tailored to your invitation you desire), and you get a bubbly Melbourne GIF/Photo Booth attendant to make it available and fun for everyone on the night. And this isn’t the kind of photo booth hire that has sneaky extras. Your package is all-inclusive.

How is photo/GIF booth hire different from traditional photo booth hire?

Let’s be honest, the older style photo booth hire just looks like it is from he 90’s; the red velvet curtain, tacky props and printouts. It’s 2019, and photo booth has actually come a long way in the past decade. Now, everything is digital and GIF’s dominating social media, with everyone familiar with how to do boomerangs. It’s the perfect time to have your wedding photo-booth hire offering the same. And you can.

Will our guests be able to use it and what about the oldies?

All of our photo booth hire packages include an attendant to not only set up and pack down, but also to run the photo booth with your guests. No one wants to hire a photo booth that doesn’t work on the night, or that no one can figure out how to use. So we’ve got you covered. Plus, honestly, the oldies and kids love it. The oldies have no idea what a GIF is, or even what social media is, but like everyone they enjoy mucking around making boomerangs. Happens at every wedding. And the GIFs they produce are hilarious.

Do we get access to the photos and GIFs produced?

Of course. We are here to provide you and your guests a ton of fun on the night, and for the photos and GIFs to last for days, weeks and months after we’ve packed the photo booth hire down. That’s the beauty of it.