Searching for something to make your birthday, engagement, hen party or social gathering stand out?

Melbourne GIF Booth is fun, engaging and provides more than your typical GIF Booth, by injecting an element of style and sophistication into your event. Handcrafted from a vintage easel, the GIF Booth itself radiates elegance – due to its shabby chic and rustic nature.

We guarantee your guests will be raving about it for days.

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Need something to convince someone that this is what the event needs? Click to download our Social Packages PDF: 

You are having a big party and want something unique? Whether it’s a bar mitzvah, anniversary, hen’s night or graduation we’ve got you covered.

Melbourne has a new photo booth hire in town and it is head and shoulders above the older style photobooth hire; Melbourne GIF Booth. An open-air photo booth hire with a difference; it’s all digital. And you aren’t just hiring it for photos; it does GIFs (boomerangs) too.

How will the hire of Melbourne GIF Booth add to my event?

People give us feedback all the time that they were surprised at the response the GIF booth hire had at their function: “It was awesome, everyone was loving it.” Simply because it is so easy and fun that once people see others getting involved it snowballs. Open-air photo booths allow that, while older style photo booths hid the action behind a curtain.

Melbourne GIF Booth hire is all digital, what does that mean?

It means you can say goodbye to the photo strips of the older style photobooth hire that haven’t changes since the 90s. Photos and GIFs are shown on the ipad and sent directly to guest’s mobile for saving or sharing on social media. The social icons under the image/GIF make it super easy.

Will it be easy enough for our guests to use the photo/GIF booth?

When you hire Melbourne GIF Booth you aren’t just hiring the booth itself. You are hiring an attendant to be there throughout the duration of your hire. There would be nothing worse than hiring a digital photo booth to learn that it was too complicated for anyone to use and/or it didn’t work. This won’t happen with Melbourne GIF Booth, our fun and bubbly attendant will be there to ensure that the photo-booth run’s smoothly.

Is it suitable for the oldies and young ones?

We had concerns about this when we first started Melbourne GIF Booth. But on the first night (a wedding) we found that older people (with no idea about social media or smart phones) absolutely loved using the photo booth. Because boomerangs are fun to do. Eventually we had a line waiting to use the GIF booth and had to ask them to let some other people have a go. The oldies typically find it more novel than young people. They love it.

What does an open-air GIF/Photo booth consist of?

Essentially you are hiring a programmed ipad with a model ring light on a sleek stand. Once you hire Melbourne GIF Booth, we work with you to customise all of the digital assets to be in line with your event (digital frame, text message, landing page, ipad background etc.) and bring it along all programmed and ready to produce photos and GIFs that carry the event details.

How will we get access to the photos/GIFs when the booth hire is finished?

Absolutely! The day after your hire a representative from Melbourne GIF/Photo Booth will email you a link with all the photos and GIFs for you to save and/or upload your favourites to social media.