With a background in both events and marketing, we know exactly what you are looking for in this social marketing tool. From the first point of contact to post-event engagement, MGB is a simple and effective way to help you achieve your KPIs. 

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How it works


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This is it, the brand activation that you’ve been looking for.

Melbourne GIF Booth is more than a digital photo booth; it’s a social media-marketing tool that works. Increase your brand/event exposure whist providing something engaging that your guests will have fun using.

Why would Melbourne GIF Booth bring to our next corporate event?

Our photo/GIF booth hire is built around your KPIs and corporate event needs in mind. With our corporate events background we understand what you are looking for in an event activation; it needs to be modern, fun and generates some marketing ROI.

If this isn’t your traditional photo booth hire, then what is it?

There is no way that Australia’s biggest brands would be satisfied with photo booth hire that produces boring printed strips that go nowhere. And that’s not what we offer. Melbourne GIF Booth is photo booth hire with a difference. Guests get the choice between taking a photo or a GIF (boomerang), with a digital frame containing your logo, sent directly to their mobile, allowing their immediate upload to social.

Why Melbourne GIF Booth hire?

Melbourne GIF booth was created in the wake of our co-founder discovering that Melbourne didn’t have a digital booth that could meet her event coordination needs. We pride ourselves on our customer service, our aesthetic and the fact that we deliver on all of our promises. You need a GIF booth hire that doesn’t add to your event stress, but alleviates your stress, while adding something unique.

What does the corporate photo/GIF booth hire package include?

Our corporate gif booth hire includes everything you need from A-Z without any hidden extras. We work with you to create all your customised digital assets (from the frame, to the text and landing page), plus our attendant will run the event smoothly based on your needs, and afterwards we provide you with all the analytics and GIF/photos for your use. When you hire a digital photo booth you want it done properly. Melbourne GIF Booth.

How will we know that guests have used and shared the photos/GIFs?

After the event has finished, the Melbourne GIF Booth software tracks how many photos/GIFs were generated during the hire period, as well as how many were shared and on what social platforms.