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Melbourne GIF Booth FAQs

I'm looking for photo booth hire in Melbourne - how is your GIF photo booth different?

Melbourne GIF Booth is different to your average photo booth as firstly; it takes GIFs as well as photos. GIFs (aka Boomerangs) are 12 photos taken in quick succession, creating a video. Secondly, we are a purely digital GIF and photo booth; which means that the photos and GIFs are sent to guests via SMS or email, rather than the print outs from the older style photo booth hire.

How does your GIF booth work?

You can check out a quick video on how our GIF booth works at, but essentially; guests jump into the open air GIF booth and have the option of either having a photo or a GIF taken. The friendly attendant then helps with the process, providing a set of fun, but tasteful, props for the guests to use. Once the photo or GIF is taken then the guests enter in their email or phone number (depending on your data capture objectives). The GIF is then sent to their phone and the guests have the ability to upload straight to social media. It really is an amazing social media marketing tool (as well as being a really fun activation!)

With the GIF booth hire, what do you need from us logistically?

All we require for Melbourne GIF Booth is a 3x3m space and a power point! We only take around 45 minutes to set up and are completely self sufficient.

What is included in the GIF Booth hire?

It depends on your package selection, but even 'the essentials' package provides an attendant, unlimited GIFs/images, props and artwork design.

I've been asked to hire a GIF photo booth for an event at work, is that what this is?

Yes! A GIF photo booth takes GIFs as well as photos... and that's what we do at Melbourne GIF Booth! It is different from a photobooth hire.

What is your best GIF/photo booth hire package?

It really depends on the what your event is and what it requires. For corporate packages visit, for wedding packages visit and for social packages visit

I Googled 'photo booth hire Melbourne' and ended up here, but this appears to be a GIF Booth?

No wonder you ended up here when you searched photobooth hire Melbourne, as we are the new and improved, modern version of a photobooth!

What do GIF Booth customisable assets mean?

There are various customisable elements of the software that we can create for you, therefore matching the theme of your event. All of this is free of charge. Beware - as many photobooth hire will charge for this service as a hidden cost.

I am looking for photo booth hire in Melbourne, why should I choose you?

We are the premium GIF Booth hire in Melbourne; so if you are looking for a high quality GIF Booth and a reliable service, then Melbourne GIF Booth is the GIF Booth for you!

How did Melbourne GIF Booth start?

After a few contacts in the events industry mentioned that they had found photobooth hire in Melbourne to be disappointing, with unreliable customer service and unappealing aesthetic, we decided to create Melbourne GIF Booth! Since then, we have had clients claim that we are the best photobooth hire in Melbourne!

What kind of event is Melbourne GIF Booth suitable for?

Due to the rustic, neutral style of our GIF photo booth, it is suitable for an array of events; including corporate launch parties, office Christmas functions, Awards nights, birthday parties, weddings and engagements!

I would like to go ahead with your photo booth hire! What are the next steps?

Just get in touch with us via or call us on 0458 421 820 and we will get back to you!

I am not looking for photo booth hire in Melbourne, but love the idea! Do you travel?

Melbourne GIF Booth actually has 2 sister companies; Sydney GIF Booth and Brisbane GIF Booth. You can check out their websites here: and here:

Are props included in the GIF Booth hire?

YES! We have a range of fun but tasteful props. We love using interactive props such as confetti and bubbles, which works really well with the GIFs. We also have other props including flowers, flower crowns, a rustic wooden heart, sunglasses and parasols.

I want to hire a photo booth for my wedding! What options do you have?

We have ether The Essentials package, which is everything that you need including an attendant, software design and props. Looking for something a little bit special? Then opt for The Deluxe package, which comes with your choice of backdrop (either a rustic fence or a native floral backdrop) and 2 beautiful bouquets of native flowers.

What venues have you worked with in Melbourne?

We are the preferred photo booth hire Melbourne for many venues, including The Fenix in Richmond. We have worked with most large wedding venues such as The Park Melbourne, Leonda By The Yarra and Encore - which means that we can advise on on where best to set up, and can also pick up on all of the logistics directly with the venue.